2014 TCAP Shows Continued Growth in STEM

Congratulations to Tennessee Students! 2014 TCAP results show that approximately 100,000 additional Tennessee students are on grade level in math and 57,000 additional students are on grade level in science compared to 2010 statewide TCAP results!

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L&N STEM Academy Welcomes First Regional Students

Congratulations to the L&N STEM Academy for welcoming their first regional students for the 2014/2015 school year!

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TSIN Supports Higher Standards in the Classroom

TSIN supports higher standards in the classroom and strengthening science, technology, engineering and mathematics education opportunities for all Tennessee children.

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Knoxville Area “STEM Scouts” Program to go Nationwide

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After nearly two years in its test phase, STEM Scouts, a $1.9 million pilot program in the Knoxville area by the Boy Scouts of America, is planning to go nationwide in May 2015. The program shows youth from elementary through high school how to apply STEM in their everyday lives and encourages them to develop those experiences into a future career. STEM Scouts are grouped into “laboratories,” and the first pilot laboratories began in Spring of 2014 at the Clayton-Bradley […]

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