The Network

Our Mission: To promote and expand the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education in K-12 schools across Tennessee.

Vision Statement: Tennessee students will lead the nation in STEM knowledge, skills and practices as critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and collaborators to compete and succeed in the state’s emerging innovation economy.

Theory of Change: If Tennessee fully coordinates and aligns STEM policies, practices and partners to increase student interest, participation and achievement in STEM; expands student access to effective STEM teachers and leaders; reduces its STEM talent and skills gap; and builds community awareness and support for STEM, then it will lead the nation in STEM-talent development.

In 2010, the Tennessee Department of Education partnered with Battelle Memorial Institute to launch the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network.  Focusing on “kindergarten to jobs”, the Network is developing high-quality STEM programming to further ensure Tennessee students are college and career ready upon graduation. The Network utilizes STEM Platform Schools and Regional STEM Innovation Hubs located across Tennessee to increase student interest and participation in STEM fields.

  • STEM Platform Schools: The TSIN Platform Schools were designed to function as demonstration sites, where educators and other stakeholders from across the state can observe STEM teaching and learning in practice. Platform Schools often try new methods of teaching and learning and share local innovations with Regional Hubs to be disseminated more broadly with surrounding schools.  The Platform Schools utilize problem and project-based learning in partnership with local STEM industry partners, integrated curricula, and emphasize technology as a way to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Regional STEM Innovation Hubs:  Regional STEM Innovation Hubs are the nucleus of STEM activity, representing a formal partnership among school districts, post-secondary map slide for websiteinstitutions, STEM businesses, and community organizations that are committed to amplifying and accelerating the impact of STEM programs in their regions. Regional Hubs amplify local innovations to transform classrooms in surrounding school districts. Through the support of an array of STEM stakeholders and partners, hubs across the state create effective educational programs, such as teacher professional development or after-school programming for students, to address the needs of partnering schools, students, and teachers. Regional Hubs have the unique ability to leverage statewide impact by collaborating and sharing projects that have shown promising results with other hubs across the state through the network.

TSIN supports the growth and quality of STEM education in Tennessee by:

  • Connecting the best STEM schools, teachers, and administrators to one another and to national resources
  • Assisting schools and communities that want to create new STEM schools and programs
  • Driving local STEM innovations through a network approach for statewide impact

The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network is committed to helping the State of Tennessee inspire and train the next generation of innovative leaders. The presence of these highly skilled workers will enable the state to grow businesses and industries that can successfully compete in the global economy.

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