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STEM Career Awareness Program Now Available FREE to All TN Middle Schools

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To assist in increasing student interest and achievement in STEM, the Network is making available Learning Blade, a supplemental STEM career awareness curriculum at no cost to all middle schools in Tennessee! Learning Blade introduces STEM opportunities to students in a novel format that demonstrates the benefits and roles of the careers in society. It also demonstrates the relevance of academic skills to STEM careers and provides real-world examples of the use of math and ELA skills in practical situations.


About the Free Curriculum:

Learning Blade introduces students to STEM career opportunities and technologies through an entertaining game-based format. In this student-ready web-based system, the student pursues Learning Blade Exampleengaging missions that solve a problem such as helping an injured dolphin, building an orphanage
after a major earthquake, or solving energy and transportation needs in a new city. To complete the missions, students must earn tools and teammates that correspond to STEM activities and careers by completing short academic exercises that expose the student to interesting aspects of STEM.

Teachers can view reports on how students are performing on problems aligned to the academic standards. This provides the teacher with valuable feedback on student skills, while demonstrating the relevance of academic skills in real-life contexts.


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You are invited to learn more about the Learning Blade system and how you can use it in your school!

Contact info@learningblade.com to request an in-person or online training/demo or call 423 681 9733 and ask for Josh. 

You can also view an archive of a previous webinar HERE .

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