What We Do

Creating Effective Leaders


The Innovative Leaders Institute is a year-long training and mentoring experience for educators led by some of the top STEM and innovative school leaders in our state. The Innovative Leaders Institute provides participants ILI Group Photo 2 copyopportunities to network with other building-level leaders from across Tennessee, visit innovative schools to examine different models of STEM integration, and share best practices and resources with the expectation of having an immediate impact on leader practice.

The Institute is designed to:

– Develop concepts of innovative leadership practices
– Enhance capacities to promote best practices across the curriculum
– Develop strategies to promote staff effectiveness and improve teaching and learning environments
– Prepare leaders with the procedures and policies to promote success

The Institute is led by experienced principals from Tennessee, who were selected because they have demonstrated positive impact on their schools through student performance, teacher retention, and creating and supporting an academically challenging learning environment for students.


Innovative Educator Workshops: Professional Development

Regional Hubs are committed to giving educators the resources and skills they need to expand STEM learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Through coordination with the Network, the Regional Hubs provide targeted and aligned professional development on a variety of topics through the Innovative Educators Workshops. The Innovative Educators Workshops are utilized to deliver aligned professional development through the Regional Hubs to targeted audiences across the state.

Previous hub training topics have included problem- and project-based learning, incorporation of engineering design concepts into everyday instruction, deployment of 1:1 technologies in the classroom, inquiry lesson design, planning for horizontal and vertical curriculum alignment, designing STEM lessons on a budget, and planning for assessment in the STEM classroom.


Bring the Real World into the Classroom

Experts in the classroom: Critical to STEM education is the process of connecting classroom learning to the real world. Students need to see how the concepts they are learning today relate to the jobs they may have tomorrow. To make this connection, Regional Hubs help STEM professionals from a variety of organizations to work alongside STEM teachers to co-teach real-world learning experiences that are relevant to the workplace.

Teacher job shadowing: As they educate their students, teachers have the opportunity to incorporate the skills and knowledge their students will need for future career success by spending time at local STEM industries. Regional Hubs work to connect educators with job shadowing and externship experiences that can help shape their instruction in the classroom. These experiences provide teachers with a clear picture of today’s modern workforce and give them insight in crafting classroom activities related to real working environments.

Student workplace learning: STEM education isn’t just about what students learn, it’s about how students learn! Regional Hubs work with local STEM businesses to bring students more hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom via work study internship opportunities.


Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit


As the state’s premier annual STEM event, the Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit brings together leaders, innovators, and champions from across the state that are united by a passion to advance excellence in STEM education for all Tennesseans.

The Innovation Summit features interactive learning sessions designed to stimulate participants’ thinking around a broad range of strategies used to integrate STEM in the classroom. The learning sessions are intended to provide attendees opportunities to interact with educational leaders and practitioners that are seeing success with STEM practices designed to raise student interest and achievement in STEM education.


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