TN STEM Innovation Summit 2017 – Learning Sessions

The Innovation Summit features interactive learning sessions designed to stimulate participants’ thinking around a broad range of strategies used to integrate STEM in the classroom. The learning sessions are intended to provide attendees opportunities to interact with educational leaders and practitioners that are seeing success with STEM practices designed to raise student interest and achievement in STEM education.

This year’s theme, Connecting Classrooms to the World, allows us to explore how schools are integrating content into real-world settings, infusing unique business partnerships into the classroom, and providing experiential learning opportunities for students to more fully investigate the world around them through foundations in STEM education. It is vital that our classrooms connect young people to the knowledge and practices that inspire creative thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers that prepare them to accept the responsibilities of global citizenship in an ever changing world.

The 2017 Learning Sessions have been organized into 5 tracks, which are described below. Choose one track to follow, or jump around multiple tracks as sessions pique your interest!

School Culture
A school culture is intangible, but it’s essential.  This track will explore strategies for creating a shared sense of purpose and value, instructional norms of continuous learning and improvement, and collaborative relationships that drive a STEM school culture.

Community Partnerships
When schools and community organizations collaborate to strengthen student learning outcomes, everyone benefits. In this track, strategies for intentionally selecting and engaging community stakeholders will be shared.

Innovative Instructional Strategies
Classroom learning can be highly engaging when infused with innovative STEM instructional strategies.  In this track, participants will explore effective and unique classroom techniques to enrich traditional curricula.

STEM Career Awareness
Mastering the skills necessary for the jobs of the future is essential in preparing students for the future.  In this track, the employability skills students must possess to be successful are identified along with practices to promote post-secondary success. This track features an “Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing” tour of the Smyrna Nissan plant. Registration for the Nissan tour is now closed. We will have a sign-up sheet at registration for the remaining spots until the tour is full. Thank you.

Technology in Education
Technology provides a platform for engaging students in real-world problem solving and experiential learning beyond the classroom.  In this track, participants will discover innovative technologies for enhancing students’ exploration of the world around them.


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