Interdisciplinary Agriculture Unit at Innovation Academy

Cross-curricular learning is in full swing at Innovation Academy of Northeast Tennessee.

As part of a unit on the science of agriculture, eighth graders at Innovation Academy constructed and filled raised bed gardens. With the help of the UT Agriculture Extension, students were taught how to construct the beds and what mixture of sand and compost would produce the best results.

IA raised beds Nov13b

Students designed experiments to test plants as they take root in the beds. This interdisciplinary agriculture unit incorporates science with their experiments toward greater food production, ibooks1-smallermath with the bed design and dimensions, social studies with the background on agriculture and farming, and English/language arts with an in-depth multimedia project.

Students read the novel Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, which centers around a community living through the Great Depression. They then created a fictional character from the book and wrote ten diary entries from their character’s point of view, supporting their entries with evidence from the novel. Students created iBooks from their entries, which they shared with each other through the iBook Library.

Cross-curricular STEM learning has deep roots at Innovation Academy.

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