STEM Video Contest for Tennessee Students

This contest is sponsored by the TSIN’s Southeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub.

Earlier this month, the Southeast region’s STEM Innovation Hub launched the new Innovate Education channel. Available both online and as a local On Demand channel through Comcast, this new Innovate Education channel will serve as a resource for teachers, parents and students.

To launch the community’s contribution to this new channel, the STEM Innovation Hub is holding a summer youth video contest. Students from kindergarten through high school can submit videos and win up to $250 in prize money. All qualifying video submissions will be featured on the new Innovate Education channel and cash prizes will be awarded within different age groups.

“We are excited to be able to provide the Innovate Education channel on Xfinity On Demand,” said Jim Weigart, VP of at Comcast. “I think this student video contest will be a great opportunity for kids to participate and a cool way for them to actually see their own work on TV.”

The channel also features short videos about innovative teaching practices, classroom lessons, educational activities for kids and local career opportunities. With help from local partners, the STEM Innovation Hub created the videos currently available on the channel. “With this channel we hope to create a local resource for sharing great ideas in education,” said Tracey Carisch, Managing Director of the STEM Hub.

Moving forward, the STEM Hub will begin working with schools, businesses, nonprofits and students throughout the region to build this channel as a regional resource for sharing ideas and tools in education. The public is encouraged to submit videos to include on Innovate Education. Teachers could create videos featuring hands-on lessons they provide to their students. Businesses can develop segments on high-growth jobs and the skills young people will need to be successful in them. The regional community of educators, students and workforce professionals can use the new Innovate Education channel as a platform to share important information about education and the world of work students will enter in the future. For this contest, students can submit videos featuring a wide range of topics.

“We want kids to get creative and show us the things that interest them in science, technology, engineering and math,” said STEM Hub director Tracey Carisch.

Learn more about this local summer video contest for students at the Innovate Education channel website, Entries must be submitted by August 31 to qualify for contest prizes, but the STEM Hub will continue to accept student videos for inclusion in the Innovate Education channel throughout the year.

To learn more about the Southeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub and its other regional programs, visit

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