Weekend Barnes and Noble Mini Maker Faires Brought Together Makers of All Kinds

Barnes & Noble stores across the country hosted the 2nd Annual Mini Maker Faire event at local participating stores this past weekend.

The Mini Maker Faire at Barnes & Noble brought together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, engineers, science club members, students, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and Makers of all kinds to learn from each other, get craft ideas and science fair project ideas, hear the experts, and work on projects.  There were numerous exciting and engaging projects to immerse yourself in!  Check out the B & N Mini Maker Faire project list here.

Children, parents, teachers, and anyone interested in the process of ideating, creating, and constructing should review their bandnmakerfairevast array of online projects ideally suited for making anything possible. B & N provides the projects –– you bring them to life! The only limit is your imagination.

Participation in the #BNMake2016 Mini Maker Faire also helped schools earn points for the new Tennessee MakerMinded program.  MakerMinded exists to get students excited about STEM related careers early in their educational paths, especially opportunities in the advanced manufacturing field. Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged and rewarded for their participation in the activities available in their state.

MakerMinded is creating the next generation of manufacturing leaders by saturating today’s learning infrastructure with a manufacturing mindset and bridging the gap between activities and programs that engage and educate youth and the students who can take advantage of them. The MakerMinded website is a widespread cache of STEM related activities for middle and high school students.  You can even add your own activities if you don’t see them listed!

Visit to sign up today and start logging points for participating in exciting activities like #BNMake2016!

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