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STEM School Tours Generate New Ideas

STEM School tours are exciting events for expanding STEM teaching and learning throughout Tennessee. March’s tour schedule provided opportunities for educators in West TN (Shelby County), Middle TN (Putnam County), and East TN (Knox County) to observe divergent STEM instructional styles and practices, program types, and innovative integration strategies within a school. Prescott South Elementary & Prescott South Middle School Tour Prescott South Elementary School and Prescott South Middle School students, in Cookeville, TN, are exposed regularly to professional guest […]

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Guest Author: Infusing STEM in the Elementary Classroom, Part 2


Student Mindsets of STEM-Infusion By Miranda Reagan If you read my first post and came back for this one, I hope you are beginning to see that STEM-integration is both worthwhile and doable at the elementary level. In fact, it not only reinforces learning in all subject areas, but also provides students with 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. In our experience so far in the process of STEM-infusion, we have discovered that students undergo […]

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Guest Author: STEM-Infusing the Elementary Classroom, Part 1


The Whys and Hows of Elementary STEM-Infusion By Miranda Reagan Teachers today face a unique challenge. The world we live in is changing so rapidly that we have no way of imagining the future we are preparing our students to live in. Gone are the days of teaching and memorizing facts. Our constantly changing lives drive a need for students to be able to synthesize, apply, and innovate with information. Teachers are charged with not only preparing our students to […]

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Innovation Academy’s Second Year Features Even More Hands-on Learning


Innovation Academy is off to a great start in our second year. We added eighth grade this year and are excited to continue preparing these students for future STEM careers.

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Reflections on Year One from an Assistant STEM Principal

Stratford STEM Magnet High School teachers, Angela Galloway, Delaine Wendling and Assistant Principal, Jeff Davis take water quality samples at depth with the US Army Corps of Engineers

STEM education continues to evolve in definition, practice, and execution, and that is how it should be. In K12 education, we are preparing some students for careers that don’t currently exist. Many of these careers will be birthed and evolve through advancements in STEM, and to be included on the ground floor of the STEM initiative in Tennessee is an exciting and challenging endeavor. Especially when only a year ago I wasn’t even aware of its existence!

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Language Arts in the STEM Classroom: Vanessa Greenlee Reflects on Year One

External judges evaluated the product modifications and the students' application of the Engineering Design Process.

“These kids have learned so much,” I think to myself as I watch my 7th graders present their last STEM projects of the year to an audience of external evaluators. Board of Education members, reporters, engineers, scientists—all keep approaching me with wonder on their faces to report how thoughtful and provoking the students’ designs are after they re-engineered some fourteen commonly-used household items.

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STEM School Chattanooga – Reflections on Year One


STEM School Chattanooga is a Platform School of the TSIN with the primary task of developing best practices in STEM teaching and learning to share with the rest of the state through the STEM Innovation Hubs. This new high school opened in the fall of 2012. The TSIN asked Principal Tony Donen to share his reflections on their first year in operation.

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