Connecting Classrooms to the World: 2017 Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit

Join us for the 2017 Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit May 24-25, in Mufreesboro, Tennessee. This year’s conference will build upon themes that provide attendees with a broad range of strategies that support STEM practices designed to raise student interest and achievement in STEM education. Interactive learning sessions have been categorized into five tracks: School Culture, Community Partnerships, Innovative Instructional Strategies, STEM Career Awareness, and Technology in Education. The conference sessions will build upon these themes while focusing on the foundations […]

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Inspiring and Informative: Key Takeaways from February’s STEM School Tours

Takeaway #1 – Performance task assessment is a powerful tool in promoting 21st century learning.  As we entered STEM School Chattanooga, two sophomore students greeted us and announced that they were our tour guides. These two articulate young ladies walked us through the halls of STEM School and eloquently explained the different facets to the instructional approach the school takes.  The students were particularly passionate about the school’s PBL (problem-based learning) tasks that each grade level is assigned.  The PBL […]

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National Engineers Week Starts Monday

National Engineers Week starts on Monday and there are many activities throughout the state that your students can engage with to learn more about the engineering profession. Engineer’s Week Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in 1951, EWeek (February 19–25, 2017) seeks to transform the landscape and increase the diversity and talent of students seeking engineering careers. According to the NSPE, Engineer’s Week is a time to: Celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world Increase […]

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Visiting Jack Anderson Elementary School

Jack Anderson Elementary School’s STEM lab is a dedicated space for teachers to encourage discovery, critical thinking, exploratory learning, use of technology, and to actively engage our students in hands-on problem solving activities. You can sign up to visit Jack Anderson Elementary School on February 24, 2017 here. Jack Anderson’s 2016-2017 STEM Goals To continue to implement a STEM curriculum that creates STEM literate students who define problems, problem-solve, test, and make improvements both in collaborative teams and individually using […]

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Visiting Pope John Paul II High School

Pope John Paul II High School incorporates an innovative program into the student experience: Innov8. Innov8 provides an opportunity during the school day for students to explore their interests with teachers who are experts in their field. The Pope John Paul II High School Innov8 classes provide a challenging and supportive environment where trial and error are encour­aged, students develop skills through practice and where they are inspired to take risks in their learning. The Innov8 program offers a stimulating […]

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Visiting STEM School Chattanooga

STEM School Chattanooga is opening its doors for anyone who is interested in witnessing a school that uses technology as a gateway to cultivate students’ inquisitive nature, exercises innovation, thinks critically, and collaborates to develop leaders who are self-sufficient learners. STEM School Chattanooga is one of seven STEM platform schools in Tennessee that have a focus on innovating educational practices. This STEM school site visit will be student led, and participants are actively encouraged to interact throughout the tour experience […]

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A Look Ahead: STEM Efforts to Grow in 2017

TN STEM in 2017

The new year is set to be another exciting opportunity for expanding STEM teaching and learning in Tennessee.  As the first month of the new year ends, let’s look at the year ahead for the Network and the opportunities for educators at all district and school levels to join us on the journey: Tennessee STEM School Designation In November 2016, the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) released a STEM Strategic Plan to serve as a roadmap for ensuring our state’s students […]

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