In Class Directed Research Activity (from L&N STEM Academy)

For: TeachersLevel: High SchoolSubject(s): Other, STEM

In Class Directed Research Activity

The Objective: Complete a directed research activity to demonstrate your research abilities and skills.

The Format: Access Research Sources, Extract Information, and Summarize Information

The Topic: Death Penalty – Do you agree or disagree? Why?

The Assessment: Total – 50 points

1. Participation – 15 points – Are you on task? Accessing appropriate material?

2. Extracted Information – 15 points – Is information directly related to your topic? Does it support your position?

3. Summarized Information – 15 points – Is information presented in an understandable, logical and usable format?

4. Proper citations – 5 points – are sources given their proper reference?


The Details: Please research and answer the following questions (provide proper citations for your sources):


What states currently have the death penalty?


For what crimes is the death penalty an optional punishment?


For what crimes is the death penalty mandatory punishment?


What Supreme Court Case established the death penalty as an acceptable form of criminal punishment?


When did the first death penalty execution take place? When was the most recent execution?


Please complete the following table based on your research (provide proper citations for each argument):


Arguments Supporting Death Penalty Arguments Against Death Penalty



Please state your position on the death penalty and why you have that position:

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