TN students’ experiments bound for space aboard International Space Station


Congratulations! Knox County Schools and Fayette Academy in Somerville will both fly a student microgravity experiment to the International Space Station in the fall of 2014 as part of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program Mission 6 to the International Space Station. The following article appeared on March 2, 2014 in the Knoxville Daily Sun about the Knox County Schools participation. KNOXVILLE — Students in the Knox County Schools have the opportunity to design experiments, one of which will be chosen to go into […]

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Letter to the Editor: State Must Continue Funding for STEM

TSIN and Driveto55 ECD2

Letter featured in the Knoxville News Sentinel on Feb. 25, 2014 links investment in STEM education to state’s “Drive to 55” goals for workforce and economic development. Authors Susan M. Benner and Susan Riechert, co-directors of the Center for Enhancing Education in Mathematics and Sciences, University of Tennessee write, Whether it is tapping the capacity of 3-D printing, creating nano-instruments, fighting infections and modern germs or perfecting reliable alternative energy sources, science, technology, engineering and mathematics are needed to solve problems and […]

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STEM Night at the Hunter Museum of American Art


Students from STEM School Chattanooga recently completed a problem-based learning unit to redesign a current work of art into a digitally innovative piece. The Hunter Museum of American Art invited them to exhibit their digital works on a special STEM night in early November. Over 800 visitors passed through the exhibit and students interacted with art lovers from across the region.

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CMCSS District-wide STEM Efforts Shine


The TSIN was recently invited to visit Clarksville-Montgomery County School Systems‘ (CMCSS) STEM programs and speak with Director of Schools Dr. B.J. Worthington and STEM Coordinator Dale Rudolph about their ongoing efforts to integrate STEM into the district’s mission. Since 2009, the district has been working to pilot STEM programs and develop a sustainable implementation plan. In 2010, they began leveraging their funds from Tennessee First to the Top to further expand select STEM pilot programs. Since then they have hosted STEM […]

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STEM Inquiry for Girls inspires with Hands-On Learning

SIG logo

Promoting and encouraging STEM participation among K-5 students in the scientific community leads to curiosity and eventually discovery. But most students don’t even realize how much STEM matters to their daily lives.

The most overlooked fact about STEM is that science and math are foundations for engineering and technology. The skills required to be productive citizens in the near future will be dramatically different. It may soon become socially unacceptable to show up unprepared for any task without skills in science and math, not to mention without engineering or technological abilities. Students must equip themselves today with the STEM tools of tomorrow.

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Interdisciplinary Agriculture Unit at Innovation Academy

IA raised beds Nov2013

Cross-curricular learning is in full swing at Innovation Academy of Northeast Tennessee.

As part of a unit on the science of agriculture, eighth graders at Innovation Academy constructed and filled raised bed gardens. With the help of the UT Agriculture Extension, students were taught how to construct the beds and what mixture of sand and compost would produce the best results.

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TSIN Fall Convening: Collaborating for Statewide Impact

TSIN Convening discussion October 2013

Last week STEM leaders from across the state met in Nashville for the annual TSIN convening. Topics included bridging the CTE & STEM communities, using student data to inform decisions, Common Core implementation through problem-based learning, and establishing strong STEM leadership in a school and a community.

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Cool STEM Job: Outreach Astronomer

William Billy Teets

Tennessee is a great place to pursue a STEM career. But don’t just take our word for it. To inspire the state’s next generation of technological leaders to pursue STEM careers, the TSIN is collecting profiles of people already working in STEM in Tennessee.

Meet Billy.

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Innovation Academy’s Second Year Features Even More Hands-on Learning


Innovation Academy is off to a great start in our second year. We added eighth grade this year and are excited to continue preparing these students for future STEM careers.

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L&N STEM Academy Named 2013 Reward School

congrats circuit board 2

The TSIN congratulates L&N STEM Academy on being named a 2013 Reward School for Performance, scoring in the top 5 percent on statewide achievement tests. As a platform school of the TSIN, L&N STEM Academy promotes STEM for All. The school is non-selective (the student body is composed of students who express an interest in attending and are chosen by lottery) and designed to encourage local educational innovation.

Being named a Reward School is a tremendous honor and a testament to the hard work of educators, students, and parents.

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