STEM School Tours

Having access to educational leaders, teachers, and students who are employing pioneering strategies to engage students in STEM learning has been proven an effective tool for anyone who is interested in discovering what STEM looks like in Tennessee.

We successfully conducted 9 STEM School Tours that exhibited 11 schools across the state of Tennessee. Visitors got a chance to explore school structures, peek inside classrooms, and talk with students, teachers, and administrators.

Schools Visited Spring 2017:

STEM School Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN
Jack Anderson Elementary Hendersonville, TN
Pope John Paul II High School Hendersonville, TN
Prescott South Elementary Cookeville, TN
Prescott South Middle Cookeville, TN
Houston Middle School Germantown, TN
Houston High School Germantown, TN
L & N STEM Academy Knoxville, TN
Elmore Park Middle Bartlett, TN
Stratford STEM High School Nashville, TN
Clayton Bradley Academy Maryville, TN

An anonymous survey was sent to all participants.  78% of attendees reported that the tour experience helped them reflect on their STEM teaching and leadership practices.  87% of attendees noted an increase in their knowledge about STEM teaching and learning.  100% of teachers surveyed indicated that the tour experience provided new learning strategies they could employ in their classrooms immediately.


Participant Responses:

“Overall, the whole experience was enlightening. The part I thought was the most beneficial was getting to go into the classrooms, seeing the students working on different projects and being able to talk with the teachers about philosophies and strategies. I found being able to directly ask the students questions and hear their opinions about STEM education to be most helpful.”

“I benefited most from observing the structure of their program and gathering ideas to incorporate into our school’s program.”

It is clear that teachers and educational leaders walked away with concrete examples that could be adapted to fit their unique school’s needs. The focused school visits allow educators to gain insights in to what other teachers, students, and administrators feel are important facets of STEM instruction and build their network with STEM champions across the state.

If your school or district would like to share your successful STEM strategies, sign up here to be featured in the next round of STEM school tours this fall!

57 stakeholders took part in the Spring 2017 STEM School Tours.

Educational Leaders 37%
Educators 43%
Parents 8%
Other Stakeholders 12%